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The Temple team is led by Marnie Lee - Senior Remedial Massage Therapist & Holistic Counsellor.


Marnie has had an extraordinary career in Natural Health & Wellness since the mid 90's. Working in the areas of massage, reiki, kinesiology and mind body medicine Marnie has a gifted touch when it comes to helping you release tension and create outstanding wellbeing in your life.

Marnie offers over 25 years of experience in Holistic and Natural health; empowering individuals towards real change in record time. A skilled counsellor with a unique, practical, down to earth and fast approach to helping you identify what is holding you back and tools to move forward with.


Marnie was head counsellor at Alive Wellness Retreats for over 8 years working with many varying issues and ages and holds a strong background in hands on body work, kinesiology, healing and more. 

Many clients say that they received more out of 3 sessions with Marnie than a year of therapy.

Holistic Counsellor | Healer | Remedial Massage Therapist

Creating Long Lasting Pathways To Greater Happiness & Meaning In Your Life

stress relief management


Effective tools to reduce stress through lifestyle changes & stress reduction.

depression counselling sunshine coast


Getting to the source of depression & healing naturally using tools for body, mind and spirit balancing.

life coach sunshine coast


Creating contentment and meaning through a deeper sense of purpose & passion for your life. 

anxiety counsellor sunshine coast


Pinpointing the real cause of your anxiety and creating a holistic pathway for healing.

grief counselling sunshine coast


Finding ways to care for the self and navigate the grief cycle with awareness & compassion. 

relationship counsellor sunshine coast, couples counselling sunshine coast


Learning to understand, communicate, listen, nurture and grow the most important relationships in your life.


therapist sunshine coast, psychologist sunshine coast

Heidi Shannon

'Marnie is the most unique and skilled Counsellor I have had on our team. Alive Wellness Retreats specially caters for anxiety, stress and depression. Marnie's ability to help clients transform in a very short time period with a very down to earth and even humorous approach is quite remarkable. She has a brilliant sense of being able to relate to anyone in a very raw state, is a complete professional and has quite the extensive list of tools and tricks up her sleeve to pull out as clients need them. Most importantly Marnie gets clients moving. She won't charge you to rehash your story, she focuses on tools and implementing a plan that is effective and for this reason her results are somewhat brilliant. Her holistic toolbox including essences, reiki and much more is also what aids clients in releasing deeply and her approach is a genuine mind body and spirit balancing for those she works with. I can't recommend her enough. Have your first session and you won't look back!'


'I met Marnie when I was going through a very difficult marriage break up. My confidence was shot and I had no idea what to do next. Marnie quickly pulled me out that hole and got me back on track. Today 2 years on I use her self care and mindfulness tools every day. I constantly remember her very clear advice and kind words. She was exactly what I needed and I've never worked with anyone with her before. I'd highly recommend Marnie to anyone looking for a very proactive and holistic approach to therapy'

Amy & Jamie

'This is soooo late but we wanted to thank you so much for our couples counselling on retreat!! We can't express our gratitude for having the opportunity to meet and work with you - you were amazing and we really feel very lucky that we were able to have so much time with you to get to the bottom of long term 'stuff 'between us. You were just lovely to work with and helpful beyond words.
As you said the whole impact of our work with you has really been noticed since we have been home and we both feel great. Feels like a real load has been lifted and we both feel free and excited about a future together.
We really cannot thank you enough!! If you are in contact with Marnie and We truly credit you with the way we are feeling and certainly would not be in the place we are today without you!!'

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life coach sunshine coast, wellness coach sunshine coast

Spend an hour with Marnie for a complete life and health overview. Pin point the exact roadblocks that are holding you back and develop a plan on the spot for real immediate change.

120 Mins




2 Hr Introductory Session

family counselling sunshine coast, family therapist sunshine coast

Build connection, respect and deep understanding in your family unit. Marnie can help with assisting your family to heal any issues that you are facing with practical tools, genuine support & effective guidance. 

120 Mins:


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Per Session

Family Therapy

counselling sunshine coast

For the seriously committed marnie will help you create great change in all life areas over 3 in depth sessions. Marnie combines education, self awareness and REAL tools in her sessions for you to use in REAL life.

90 Mins:


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Per Session

3 x 1.5 Hr Sessions - Total Life Overhaul

group counselling sunshine coast

Marnie has a wealth of experience delivering quality focused group sessions of any style. Contact Marnie for a list of focus sessions or for a custom focus session for your group.




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Group Work

couples therapist sunshine coast, relationship counselling sunshine coast

If you are looking for a down to earth, fun and proactive couples therapy session to take your relationship to the next level Marnie is for you. ** Side note - men love working with Marnie as much as women do.

120 Mins:


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Per Session

Couples Therapy With A Difference

corporate wellness sunshine coast, corporate coach sunshine coast

Bring wellness to the workplace or have Marnie work with your group. Offering workshops on Holistic Health Perspectives, Mindfulness, Goal Setting & Motivation, Anxiety & Stress Management, Self Care.



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